myanmar open wordnet

Myanmar Open Wordnet (MOW) is a freely-available semantic dictionary of the Burmese language. It is inspired by the Princeton Wordnet and the Global WordNet Grid, and is part of the Open Multilingual Wordnet

Simple Browser

03 May 2017

There is now a simple browser for MOW (v0.1.1). It's very barebones at the moment, but it's probably better than nothing! ;)

Go check it out! (opens a new window)

Initial release is here!

12 April 2017

MOW is now part of the Open Multilingual Wordnet (OMW). This also marks the initial release (v.0.1) of MOW!

This is an early, preliminary release meant to begin integration with the OMW. As such, it's not available for download. Nevertheless, you can still access it by browsing the OMW itself. The data therein is still open and can be freely used.

We will have a next release soon (downloadable!). As always, it will be open, and can be freely used, modified, distributed and shared by anyone, for any purpose. This website will also be updated with more information and news regarding the MOW and its progress.

Stay tuned!

Very minor update (0.1.1) on OMW

27 April 2017

We've just pushed a minor update onto the Open Multilingual Wordnet (OMW), MOW 0.1.1.